Introducing reactions: Likes and dislikes6 months ago

Introducing reactions: Likes and dislikes

Some time has passed and another update is ready. In addition to the image and video upload features that were previously available, we have now decided to include reactions buttons for all images uploaded on, so uploaders can receive feedback from others and viewers can express the way they feel about a certain image or video.

How the reaction buttons work?

The reactions buttons allow visitors - anonymous or not, to express the way they feel about a certain image or video in a single click. Visitor's reactions are counted, shown under every item uploaded, and used by our system, for example to decide if a certain upload should be promoted in the recent section or not. Besides that, our platform uses visitors feedback to help train the A.I. that moderates user uploads.

Although we considered showing only the sum of reactions or follow the new trend and only show the like count, we finally decided to show reactions counter for both like and dislike as a tool that could balance online discourse.

Who can vote?

The same way we did when we introduced the comments section - where people can post comments anonymously on any image or video uploaded, we decided to give users without an account on our platform the opportunity to express themselves by not limiting access to reaction buttons to registered uses and allowing anonymous visitors to vote.

What's next?

Soon, our Recent section will receive an update as well, images and videos that are now ordered based solely on time since passed since the image or the video was uploaded will be ordered based on popularity as well.

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