Our API (Application Programming Interface) allows users to upload images on our platform, programmatically, from their own systems with minimal effort, then use the direct links they receive as response from the API to embed those images where they need them, the viewer links if they want to share images as they are shown on our platform or the removal links if the images are no longer needed.

Image editor

A simple yet versatile image manipulation tool with a lot of photo editing features so users can crop, resize, rotate & fine-tune their pictures before uploading. It also allows drawing, adding text, watermarks and filters, and it can be the perfect solution when you want to quickly edit a picture without having to use complicated image editing software or when you're using a mobile device such as phone, tablet, etc.

Camera integration

This tool give users the ability to take pictures directly from their browsers then upload those pictures on our platform, open them in the image editor for some final adjustments or save them locally. It may come in as a handy, time saving tool, if you simply want to capture and share a picture without having to take the picture using your camera app, store it on your device, locate it in your gallery or folder then upload it. All you have to do, to be able to use our direct camera integration is to give your browser the permission to access/use your device's camera.

Placeholder image generator

Finding the right placeholder can be tricky sometimes, especially if you're looking for an unusual size or colour combination. Our placeholder image generator might come in handy if you're working on a mock design or just need to fill some space, as it allows you to generate placeholder images in any size you want, with the colour combination you need (background & text) and any text you want. Additionally if you decide to use our placeholder image generator you can save a lot of space as we'll provide direct links to the images you create so you don't need to store them locally.