How to use images in email signature?6 months ago

How to use images in email signature?

A signature is a very important element of any email as it introduces the person behind emails, acts as a powerful tool for establishing a corporate identity and marketing your brand, and provides necessary contact information.

In a world where people can communicate without having to meet each other, the email signature serves the purpose of business cards or letter pads with contact details.

What should be included in an email signature?

If you’re representing a company, you should include: your name, job title, the name of the company, phone numbers, email address, business addresses, the company's website and the company's logo, but if you are creating an email signature for personal email you can be a little more creative - obviously keep all the contact details, but instead of a logo you can use a picture of yourself, you can include links to your social media channels and use HTML & CSS to style it as you wish.

Emails with photos inside the signature receive a higher reply rate - up to 10%.

How can I add a picture or a logo inside my signature?

  • You can add a picture/logo by embedding it in your emails using your email client built in features - some email clients have a method of including the image in the code of the email itself. However, images can have issues appearing on mobile devices, especially after a reply or a forward of the email.
  • Another method would be to add the image as an attachment to the email, but it increases the message file size and different email clients handle attachments differently.
  • Alternatively, you can upload the image on our platform and use the HTML tag "reference" the image. The image isn't stored in the email itself, but when the email is opened any email client will know where to find the image and will display it. All you have to do is to copy the HTML tag generated after you upload your image on ( e.g <img src=""> ) and paste it inside your email signiture.

We hope this article helps you improve your email signature, whether it be a professional signature for business emails or a friendly one for personal emails.