Placeholder Image Generator

Have you ever needed to use placeholder images in your designs, but struggled to find ones with the right size, text, or background/foreground color? Well, now there’s no need to go hunting down placeholder images when you can create them in minutes with this free and easy to use placeholder image generator! You’ll just need to specify the size (width and height, in px), pick a background and a foreground color, add some text if you want to then hit Create Image.


Image preview

Placeholder Image

A placeholder image generator is a tool used by creators in early design stages to create images in various sizes and colors that will be included in "dummy" designs, which will help them envision how their final design will look in various scenarios and aid them in the process of finalizing their decisions on what they want to include or exclude from their design.

Our Placeholder Image Generator creates images with desired dimensions (width and height), and in addition allows you to pick custom background color an foreground color, and to add custom text. Once you have generated an image, a preview will be displayed alongside the Direct link, HTML image tag, and download button.

There are two ways you can create placeholder images: you can fill in the form above and direct links and HTML image tags will be generated for you or you can simply request placeholder images via URL.


  • size - placeholder image width x height;
  • bg - placeholder image background color in HEX (without #);
  • fg - placeholder image foreground/text color in HEX (without #);
  • text - the text you want displayed, use "+" instead of spaces;
  • noa - no attribution - removes the "by" lane;