Platform update: video support added3 months ago

Platform update: video support added

We're excited to share that we've made some changes to our website - and one major change you'll notice right away is being able to upload, watch, and share videos!

In order to make room for the videos, we decided to convert all non-animated images using lossless image compression from now on and we optimized the code for different browsers and devices  which means everything loads faster than before!

Currently only MP4 and WEBM formats are supported, but we are experimenting with different formats, and expect to release an update providing support for more common vie file types in the near future.

To give our users the ability to share their uploaded videos with people all over the world, we created an embeddable video player that displays high quality yet quick loading content and will soon allow direct-links usage.

Videos uploaded to our platform are moderated, based on the same rules used for image moderation, by our A.I systems.