New feature announcement - the upload API3 months ago

New feature announcement - the upload API

The new version of has been released, and with it comes an amazing new feature. Uploading images using your own scripts or applications just got easier! Now you can use our simple yet powerful upload API to add image uploading functionality to your site or application with minimal effort - all you need to do is to send a POST request to, containing 2 parameters: your API key and the image you want to upload and the JSON response, you'll receive will contain informations about the image that was uploaded including the view link, direct link and the delete link.

How is the upload API wokring?

  1.  API Credentials - If you already have an account, your API key has been automatically generated for you - Once you’ve logged in, go to settings and scroll to "API Informations".  If you don't have an account you can register here.
  2.  Sending the request - API calls should be done using POST method and should contain the followinf parameters: "Key" - your API key and "Uploads" - the image you want to upload. The upload API endpoint is
  3. Getting the response - The upload API response contains all the information about the uploaded image in JSON format - upload id, upload size, direct link, view link, delete url, etc.
  4. Use the images you upload, on your website or inside your app as you wish using the direct links provided, or use the share-links to share your uploaded images with others . No longer needed? Use the delete link to have them removed from our platform.

A more detailed guide on how to use the upload API is available here.

This is just the beginning — we'll continue extending and improving our API based on your feedback. If you have any feature requests or run into any bugs, please contact us to let us know!