Titles and descriptions for images2 weeks ago

Titles and descriptions for images

Henrik Ibsen once said a picture is worth a thousand words and it's true that sometimes multiple ideas can be conveyed by a single image but there are also times when we may feel the need to actually describe the picture in a few words (or more).

We are happy to announce that we've successfully updated our platform so it now allows users to add/edit titles (max. 100 characters) and descriptions (max. 500 characters) for the images they upload straight from the gallery, in just a few clicks.

As we try to create a positive user experience and avoid bullying, sexual harassment, hate speech, threats, fraud, illegal classifieds, and any other kind of inaporpirate content, we created an automated text moderation system, which is currently in a test phase, but will soon be able to detect/flag/remove inappropriate content, in a similar way with our image-moderation system.

This feature is, at the moment, available only to registered users, but we plan to make it available to anonymous users as well in our next update.